Project Description


TSGE has moved to Google code. You can now find the project here:

About TSGE

TSGE, Terraria Save Game Editor, is yet another save game editor for Terraria. TSGE currently supports 1.1.2 and as long as interest is kept it will be maintained to support the latest version of the game. It will not support opening old profiles, it will only work for the latest game versions profiles. This is by choice as I do not feel the need to support old versions. Everyone should have the latest version of the game.


TSGE is written in C# using WPF. However it does not follow the 'standard WPF model' using a framework such as MVVM.

Having problems running TSGE? You may need to install the .NET 4.0 Framework from here:

Thanks To

  • Tim Heuer - Original JetPack Theme
  • Jonathan Antonie - JetPack Theme Converted To WPF
  • Greg Beech - Natural Sorting Implementation
  • TerrariViewer - Model Viewer Concept
  • Silk Icons - Menu Icons

Sinzfeldt - Buying Terraria for me which got me involved in the game.
attilathedud - For beta testing before public releases.


  • Player Editor - Name, Difficulty, Sex, Hotbar Locked Flag, HP/MP, Colors, Hair Style Selection
    • Includes random hair selection.
    • Includes random colors selection.
    • Preview model to see changes before you go in game.
  • Buff Editor - All buffs, maximum buff lengths, max all buffs to 30 minutes.
  • Inventory Editor
  • Equipment Editor
  • Bank / Safe Editor


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